You are your own enemy


As a student, I was sitting in a cinema in Zagreb at a festival dedicated to travellers. There was a travel magazine on my seat. I fell for its glossy pages and photos that show foreign worlds. If I can’t travel myself, I can at least subscribe to a travel magazine, I thought so then. The travellers with amazing destinations and stories took turns on the stage, inspiring us sitting in the audience. Each of their words led me to places that I thought only existed in dreams. I got goosebumps listening to them. I felt something I couldn’t explain at the time. Now I know it was something like awakening.

Transformation starts within

Even though from early age I felt that I was going to travel and live in other countries, I didn’t know when and how it would happen. I wanted to be just like them – a traveller. I wanted to be brave and full of stories. Am I capable or am I too paralyzed by fear, I wondered then. They must have been saving for a long time. Maybe somebody helped them. I admired them as a child would admire things that are bigger than herself. I thought I couldn’t do what they were doing, until one morning I woke up and simply decided that I could.

The turning point was when I realized that the only thing standing between me and my dreams was what was in my head. It wasn’t about money or lack of time. My biggest barrier was believing that I could not make it happen for myself. My own thoughts prevented me from living a life I always wanted. That simple change in my thoughts made a huge difference. All the insecurities and fears? I created them. I fed them. I was my own worst enemy.

No one is born with uncertainties and fears. No one. That’s what the outside world does to us. Regardless of our age, we are being programmed. By media. By our friends and neighbours. By our work colleagues and parents. Change comes after we change our thoughts. The outside world can try to manipulate us, but certainly can’t influence how we feel and how we think. Your life depends on your choices. Your life depends on your thoughts.

My focus is on traveling. That’s why I travel. My family’s not rich. I’ve been working like a horse for as long as I can remember. Hard work and discipline of a warrior led me to a life I live today. And I’m not done with it yet. I’m still not at the desired destination.

Choices shape our lives

Your life blooms in that field where your focus is. People like to say they have no money or time to travel. They know they’re lying to themselves. If you want to travel, you will travel. If you want a garden full of flowers, you’ll work on having a garden full of flowers. You become what your thoughts are. Your choices shape you and your everyday life.

People are afraid of change because change is painful. It’s hard for us to leave people and situations that no longer serve us, because we don’t know what comes after. Can it be worse than how you’re feeling now?
You want to travel? Then make it happen. There will be no regrets about it.

Don’t let others create your destiny. Take full control of your life because if you won’t, somebody else will do it for you. Own yourself. You are your masterpiece.
You have a story. You are a story. Tell the world your story.

It’s important where you come from. It defines you. It defined me. It is one of the most valuable lessons I learned before I even packed my life in two backpacks and left Balkans to start a one-way journey. To bleed words as Hemingway did. Driven by the unshakable faith, I made my dreams a reality. I write. I learn. I search and observe. People recognize me and my story. They say I’m an inspiration. The “brave” one. The “crazy”one. Many travel guardians helped me on my way to the surface and now it’s time that I offer my life and travel stories as an example and inspiration to others.

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