We are Travelers

In the end, it’s all about the people we meet. Wherever we end up we recall our crazy days, endless nights and journeys to new frontiers, literally and metaphorically. We might know each other for ages or we met by chance, but we become friends for life.

It has been going on for ages.

We pack our backpacks and in this constant motion we respond to, our wings spread. By leaving the well known world, magical gates with the sign „Wanderlust“ appear. Behind them is a parallel world where life is lived in a different, more rapid and more intense way. We can’t see it until we become part of it, though the doors are always slightly open.

Road dares us

Driven by curiosity we follow our bliss. We crave for new experiences. We become the seekers. The thrill of unexpected feeds our soul and after the first taste of freedom, we become unstoppable.

“I promise

If you keep searching

For everything beautiful

in this world

You will eventually

become it”.

– Tyler Kent White

Having the world for a teacher we no longer allow someone to mess with us, and we surely don’t need others to fix us. In the mission of achieving happiness we realized that we’ve found a perfect home. It’s in our own skin.

Departing alone or not, we are lonely only if we choose to be. The world is full of warm shelters where dreamers like us rest.

“Let the darkness find you if it must. Throw off the quick and tempting escapes, and seek help only from those who would teach you to grow, feed your soul, embrace your heart, but would not steal away your journey.”

– Jennifer DeLucy

Road changes us

Whether we return home or go somewhere new, we are changed. Unknowingly the world transforms us. Those who weren’t there, cannot know. Those who were… They smile now. Endless hours on night buses. Running through rice fields. Haggling. Constantly walking, being sweaty, under stress and confused. Where is my wallet? Did I take everything? How much? How much?

These are the moments in which we grow. We forget about it as soon as we breath in the air of a country that was once just a name on the map. We erase it when another fellow traveler welcomes us with a warm smile that says – Don’t tell me, I know everything.

So when no one sees us, we place hand on our heart. Is it beating? Yes. It has been a witness to everything we’ve been through. 

Who are we?


“What you’ll discover will be wonderful.

What you’ll discover is yourself”. 

– Alan Alda



It’s important where you come from. It defines you. It defined me. It is one of the most valuable lessons I learned before I even packed my life in two backpacks and left Balkans to start a one-way journey. To bleed words as Hemingway did. Driven by the unshakable faith, I made my dreams a reality. I write. I learn. I search and observe. People recognize me and my story. They say I’m an inspiration. The “brave” one. The “crazy”one. Many travel guardians helped me on my way to the surface and now it’s time that I offer my life and travel stories as an example and inspiration to others.

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