Travel Guardians

Travel Guardians

We all have them. Sometimes miles away. Sometimes a continent away. Some days just a click away. And sometimes we just haven’t met yet. Connected without knowing that, or even each other, they are here for You.

Your Travel Guardians

When one decides to live a life of uncertainty, an avalanche starts to roll within the body of a future traveler. A warm current flows through it, attacking the cells with something that one has been suppressing for a long time – a scent of choice.

You may not know where you’re going or what you’re gonna do but honestly, it doesn’t even matter. The decision is made and you’re off on a great adventure. To see the foreign lands.To rose deep into orgasmic pleasures of the newly awakened freedom. And this notion deliberates you unimaginably.

Once you’ve decided to go this path, surrounding yourself with good people is crucial. Their strength will become your strength. Their stories will become your soul food but most importantly – they will push you beyond your limits to show you how far you can actually go if someone truly believes in you.

Your travel guardians are here to remind you that it is possible. Some of them are already  in a country of their choice, smiling at the sun over a glass of wine in Western Australia.
Some of them have returned while some are by your side.

They know how you feel. They were in your shoes. They see you – working overtime, feeling constantly tired, leaving things half done, saving money and feeling as your life is on a pause, as your real life is somewhere out there, waiting for you to come and live it.

When you feel lost, you call for them – your travel guardians. And they reply, ready to put you back on the track.

“Dear soul, You are on a remarkable journey. And you’re doing a great job”, one whispers while another makes you smile. Others help you with visa issues, send you pictures of sunsets in Colombia or set up a lunch with the “Thailand menu” and Mexican music, so you could feel both. They share silence with you. They know pain.
They know what you’re yearning for so they give you little pieces of it, before reaching your own.

“Don’t think too much, just go!”

At first, these words sound distant as your magic destination, but further on, they become inevitable. And you listen. And work even harder. For authentic self. For them. Will they ever know what they did for you? That, by letting you grow and seizing your Universe-given potential, by allowing you to fully immerse into building a life worth loving and by not letting you give up – they saved you?

None of the roads seem harmful when one is surrounded by those kind of people. Pain no longer seems intolerable. And the fuzzy idea of happiness finally seems very much alive.

All thanks to the people who walked into your life, by chance or on purpose and whose positive energy is contagious. And very much magical.

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