• The Lost Feet

    Give me endless plane rides
    and bouncy overnight buses.
    Give me days filled with stories
    and starry nights.
    Give me strangers and goodbyes.

    Gently, let’s go somewhere new
    to ignore the odds
    and be destroyed in the most beautiful way.
    In the deeper ways
    Eating all of our unspoken words.

    To make sense
    of the chaos
    Give me fireworks.
    Give me places and people to feel
    homesick for.

    Give me the wander
    and the lost feet,
    and I promise
    I will come for more.



  • The Search Is Beautiful

    The search is beautiful.
    The one where her mind and heart go to a place before unimagined. Where a blissful touch of summer warmth reveal the start of something new.
    It caught her…
    On winding roads… In the salty waters where the wondrous creatures swim. In between laughing with the like-minded souls and warming her feet by the fireplace.
    It caught her…
    In all the quiet spaces, while marveling at the moments that made her feel free.
    Now she understands.
    The search is beautiful and the fate is sealed.
    Always moving, never the same.
    Never calmed, constantly amending.
    Truly it is another world when she packs the little she needs and begins to move.
    Even where there may not be anything for others, she is where she wants to be…
    In the smells of new places, completely drowned in wanderlust.
    She is aware of the risks but doesn’t care, as she knows how soul smashingly beautiful life can be.
    Now she just can’t get enough.

  • It’s Time


    Hey you,

    It’s time.

    It’s time to chase that spark again.

    Don’t you think so?

    To think of the things you love.

    Hey you,

    It’s time.

    Gather your scattered selves and make them whole again.

    Rub your eyes because, I am sure that it’s time.

    You learned the things hard way. You risked yourself in the world. You kissed the pain.

    And now it’s time.

    To find the way home.

  • The Call of the East

    I sit in the waiting room and watch the snowflakes stick to the airplanes. While I wait for the boarding, my eyes glance across the man in front of me. In a business suit and with a stern face, he plays games on Facebook. He nervously presses the digits on his mobile phone, while his face remains perfectly still. ‘A little bit longer, a little bit longer, and you’re there’ – I keep telling myself. To the East. To the East. We finally depart. My first solo traveling this is.

    To the East…

    It seems to me that everyone who spends a lot of time thinking, eventually find themselves setting off for the East at some point in their lives. The truth, the magic of the East calls upon every one of us, but do we all hear its call?

  • LOVE is the quietest part

    Travelers are the strongest people I know. We travel for adventure, for different and for the unexpected. We are strong, confident and know how to get by in 3892 different situations. I never met a boring traveler. “We travel for stories! What is a man without a story?!”, said my Argentinian friend Franco.

    Our lives are formed by coincidences, chance meetings and unknown souls. We are not afraid of anything. We don’t break easily. We put amazing photos on Facebook and Instagram, and make you jealous because we swam with sharks or dived in Thailand or ate some weird stuff. We change destinations, we go in and out of people and comfort zones. Maybe you always see us smiling and think that we are completely in control of our lives. That’s mainly true except when it comes to one thing – love.

  • We are Travelers

    In the end, it’s all about the people we meet. Wherever we end up we recall our crazy days, endless nights and journeys to new frontiers, literally and metaphorically. We might know each other for ages or we met by chance, but we become friends for life.

    It has been going on for ages.

    We pack our backpacks and in this constant motion we respond to, our wings spread. By leaving the well known world, magical gates with the sign „Wanderlust“ appear. Behind them is a parallel world where life is lived in a different, more rapid and more intense way. We can’t see it until we become part of it, though the doors are always slightly open.

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