• The Search Is Beautiful

    The search is beautiful.
    The one where her mind and heart go to a place before unimagined. Where a blissful touch of summer warmth reveal the start of something new.
    It caught her…
    On winding roads… In the salty waters where the wondrous creatures swim. In between laughing with the like-minded souls and warming her feet by the fireplace.
    It caught her…
    In all the quiet spaces, while marveling at the moments that made her feel free.
    Now she understands.
    The search is beautiful and the fate is sealed.
    Always moving, never the same.
    Never calmed, constantly amending.
    Truly it is another world when she packs the little she needs and begins to move.
    Even where there may not be anything for others, she is where she wants to be…
    In the smells of new places, completely drowned in wanderlust.
    She is aware of the risks but doesn’t care, as she knows how soul smashingly beautiful life can be.
    Now she just can’t get enough.

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