It’s Time


Hey you,

It’s time.

It’s time to chase that spark again.

Don’t you think so?

To think of the things you love.

Hey you,

It’s time.

Gather your scattered selves and make them whole again.

Rub your eyes because, I am sure that it’s time.

You learned the things hard way. You risked yourself in the world. You kissed the pain.

And now it’s time.

To find the way home.

It is where your heart is.

In the ports of the world. In the kisses. In the busiest streets.

In the bonfires and friends for life. It is in the nights to remember.

It is where You are.

That dream that you are holding in your mind?

Chase it. Dream it. Want it. Work on it!

Every single day.

Because it is time. It is time!

To live again. To breath the air of new places.

Leave if it hurts. Places and people.  Take buses and planes and walk.

Walk if you must. Believe with all your heart and you will find what’s in this world for you.

I promise.

Drink from today.

Run! Towards yourself! Towards the new ways! Dance to the sweet memory and then let go…

Make mistakes. Unbutton yourself! Feel it all.


Because it is time!!
It is time to be happy again.

Remind yourself of what you have forgotten.

It’s not over until You say it’s over.

BURN! For authentic self. For painful transformation.

Get there as fast as you can!

It is a process and your heart is soft. But you have a soul of a warrior and whole galaxies are painted on your skin. Can’t you see how strong and beautiful pain made you?

Trust me, my dear.

You have it all. So don’t panic or be afraid of what will find you. It’s all for You.

Draw closer.

It will come sneakingly, as an insidious disease.

It will attack you! Burn you from head to toe!

Once again, the world will lie before you like a land of dreams.

And everything will be marvelous once again.

There you will find what you’re looking for.

There you will find me.

Trust the process.

Your Heart

It’s important where you come from. It defines you. It defined me. It is one of the most valuable lessons I learned before I even packed my life in two backpacks and left Balkans to start a one-way journey. To bleed words as Hemingway did. Driven by the unshakable faith, I made my dreams a reality. I write. I learn. I search and observe. People recognize me and my story. They say I’m an inspiration. The “brave” one. The “crazy”one. Many travel guardians helped me on my way to the surface and now it’s time that I offer my life and travel stories as an example and inspiration to others.

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