Flirting with the city

Flirting with the city

They say, once you start traveling it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. And oh my, I’d like to write some poetry right now. To sing a song for the city I love.

With every heartbeat my love for you grows bigger and bigger and I wanna cry, I wanna laugh and be neurotic and calm at the same time. So I am.

You make me wild and young and refreshingly free, yet balanced. And that is all I ever wanted of you.

From the minute I wake up, I’m all yours and you use this against me. I was shy until you whispered to me – you are safe, trust yourself. So I did, for trusting myself was the scariest part.

You love me and I love you.

Though sometimes we don’t understand each other, we use hands and legs and then burst into laugh as laughing is the universal language.
You give me and I give you.
You give me more but I don’t feel bad about it. I want it all.
We talk. We flirt. We dance. I let you gamble with my feelings.
In this place of uncertainty you take care of me. You ease my pain. You heal my cuts. And I let you everywhere.
You know what I miss so you give me what I miss. It’s love. Now I know how it feels.


Are you my friend, my lover or the best version of myself? Sailing won’t always be smooth, you taught me, but with trying everything will fall into place. I know now I shouldn’t be tamed. Freedom can also be a lonely place. You made me feel that too.

As we’re sliding through the streets you know and I don’t, allowing them to magically unravel before us, I feel as anything could happen.

You surprise me.

At night, when the world gets darker and quietened down a little bit and I’m beneath the bridge, there you are again, playing with my hair. It tickles my ears.  We are in a secret game of two.

City lights are almost beautiful as stars and I wanna cry because I am happy. Then you splash me with water and make me go back to reality.

I’m in love with you and not scare to tell you though I know you will have lovers after I leave, and so will I. And though we fight I will forget all of our fights, but will never forget how you made me feel.
And that is love. Now I know how it feels.


This is the second love letter I ever wrote. First one was for a guy in elementary school. It wasn’t successful. 

I decided to give it another shot. I wrote these words for a city who stole my heart.

If you could write a love letter to a city, what city would you choose? What would you say?



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