4 Hour Flight Layover in Moscow

4 Hour Flight Layover in Moscow

I love airports.

People usually hate airports because of long layovers.  All the waiting and boredom and walking up and down can drive you crazy. I actually very much enjoyed my 4 hour flight layover at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow. Vodka everywhere, interesting people and lots of different gates exits where you can sit and watch people leave.

Though I was in the ‘transit area’ for tourists without visa, and it felt as a ghetto, I loved the feeling of being “just” a number.  In airports everything is safe and scheduled until you step your foot into a plane. Then it’s showtime.

So, what to do when you have many hours until your next flight? Let me tell you what I did. I was exploring around! I was acting as Indiana Jones but the “airport” style!

  1. I took a picture of an Irish pub. I thought it was funny to see an Irish pub there.
  2. I was lying barefoot, eating cookies and following a pigeon flying above my head so no gifts would be delivered.
  3. I saw a very handsome guy. Very.
  4. I was playing with Chinese baby.  Baby was drawing on my paper and almost took my pen. I fought for it.
  5. I saw Vladimir Putin in a form of Babushka!
  6. I ate a lot of sweets.
  7. I was trying to remember some Chinese words and failed completely.
  8. I saw Jameson, 4,5L Whiskey. It was huge.
  9. I did a little bit of gymnastics (I hate sitting!)
  10. After three hours of waiting, I thought I saw Ryan Gosling. Thought is the keyword.
Airports are like big living rooms

I didn’t enter any duty shop and there were many.  I have to admit I don’t understand people who buy a necklace or a perfume in an airport. It’s expensive as hell.

There are so many other interesting things to do. For example, watching people. Airports are like big international living rooms with windows overlooking the vehicles that carry into another world. Kids are playing. People are brushing teeth, changing clothes. I even saw a lady washing her feet in a sink. An advice: Charge your cell phone in the toilet. Don’t wander around for hours as I did looking for a power plug. And be barefoot. Though some guy in a suit was looking at me strangely, later he did it.

There is so much diversity in one place. People wearing winter coats colliding with those wearing flip flops. And there are people wearing more colors than we know. And they are beautiful.

Airports are places where time can be very important and irrelevant, all at the same time. Some are walking up and down. Sitting. Eating. Taking “selfies”. Some doze off. Some find company until it’s time to say goodbye and some have their first experience of loneliness.

Everyone waits for boarding. Everyone is going somewhere. It’s a constant leaving. Constant motion. And I love it. There is always something going on. My dad taught me that I should never be bored. Everything has a story. You just have to search for it.








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